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breed: warm blood

 birth: 2007

sex : mare

colour : chesnut

description : Meggi is very experienced and schooled horse. Her personality is very calm, balanced and she is 100% reliable. Meggi adapt to the skills of the student . She can be slow and calm as well as more temperament and pretty forward. Even her body constitution looks like drafthorse she is very soft and dexterous. She passed advanced training and can work up to pirouets, flying lead changes and lateral work. She can work with cattle and rope. 


breed: American paint horse

birth : 2001

sex : gelding

colour : dark chesnut

description : Wanyne ( or Lucky ) is our oldest horse.  He pased throug reining career which affect his health so now he is kind of retired. He enjoys trails and because of his calm character he helps to novice rider in their first step horseback. Waine is advance trained horse and he can learn you all lateral work as well as cowhork and roping 


breed: Appaloosa x Pony

birth : 2005

sex : gelding

colour : white

Description : Orion is our first horse ever. Orion works with little advanced riders. During last years he got bling on his right eye and partialy on his left.  . This is the reason why he needs rider he can trust.  If riders knows job then you can´t see any handicap. Orion is advance skilled horse and he is good in cowwork and ranchroping. 

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