Our Ranch is place where you can try farm style of life based on old tradition of our predecessors - hard work and respect to nature. You can try some  parts of real farming life. Do you want to try ride a horse or tractor ? Do you want to try shoot hunting guns ? Here is our offer which can help you to enjoy our place even more :) ALL ACTIVITIES MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCE

This is the most wonderfull wiev king said.... Do you want to try ride horse or just let us to lead you children? We have calm and educated horses which will give you nice experience. Trail rides are not available

550 CZK / 45 min
Are you scared of heights ? Try to step of your comfort zone at Via Ferrata at Semily . Ferrat climbing set : 150 CZK / person. Instructor : 1000 CZK / 2 hours
Every farm or rancho always had blacksmith. We are no exception.
.Do you want to try forge your own knife ? It is wonderfull experience to eat your steak by knife you made by yourself..

1200 CZK/2 hod
Try to shoot SKEET targets with hunting shotguns ( double barrel, pump action )
800 CZK / person, Friday or Wednesday only
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Almost every boy dreamed about tractor driving.You can try to drive our tractor Zetor 7245 Horal System with front loader

650 CZK / 30 min
Are you interested in ranchroping ? Do you want to learn how to catch cows head or heels ?

300 CZK / 45 min
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