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True reason why we build our rancho is our passion to train horses in the way of classical dressage and apply these experiences to practical riding and working with the horse. If your interest is to ride with softness, feel and balance,  if you want to improve your skills and enjoy potential of your horse, learn how to control cows and rope then you reach good address. We do not care to much about ridding styles. The horse is still horse and he does not care if you wear "english suit" or jeans and chaps. He does not care if your saddle is english or western style. But horse definately cares if you ridding him in harmony and balance , he does care if your unpatient and hard cues boders him and creates pain and chaos.  Horse ridding has its biomechanical rules. These rules are our basic stones. We use these stones to build castle called equitation. you can use our philosophy whatever equitation direction you will go....

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